Monday, February 19, 2007

Prayer for the day

The Presence of God
What I'm trying to do here is set aside time to focus on my life - both temporal and spiritual. I try to imagine that Jesus is sitting here beside me, and I talk over with Him what has been going on for me. I attempt to understand that in a myriad of ways, Jesus enters the everyday circumstances of my existence. But life is fast and full. Often, pressures and commitments drown out the little voice at my core. I know that. And I want to do something about it. For now, I try to become still and receptive to what His Presence might want to impart to me.

1 Comment:

danét said...

Perfectly stated and my 'always' prayer for living. I am so grateful!
Thank you Lucas, for placing these, along with your integrity, up front for all to see and remember 'what matters most'... and all else will fall into place... love you