Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prayer for the Day

Lord, today I ask you to help me.

Help me to be Loving and Kind.

Help me to be Honest and honorable.

Help me to be Faithful and Sincere.

Help me to be Noble and Respectful.

Help me to be Strong and Accountable.

Lord help me to be all of these things and more,

For you and for myself


1 Comment:

danét said...

Love it!
The tag is… “Most of all today, I love”…
Now this is a trick statement, yes? Love is all- encompassing and today, this moment, I am so gratefully and powerfully aware of God’s Love, the core of my being, the fabric of all being, is the only reality. I love that any deviation from this awareness is answered as a call for love, which is a form of love, via the Atonement, n’est pas? Love it. Forgiveness lessons? Bring ‘em on. Love transforms them all. And the transformation~ ah, what a sight to see! The best game in dreamtown, yes? and I love that you, my new friend, tagged me. LOVE: YOUR IT!